Why Use Online-Appointment.com?

More than just making & keeping appointments, Online-Appointment.com is a revolutionary system that allows the capability to keep in touch with your customers, and make your business more efficient, productive, and ultimately much more profitable. Everyday, more and more consumers connect to the internet, and/or carry a cell phone. With the ubiquity of these technological products, the ability to directly interact with your customers or patients, has never been more promising. With Online-Appointment these electronic mediums - email & cellphone text messaging (SMS) can be utilized to not only streamline communications with your customers, but your employees and vendors, as well. For customers it offers the welcomed convenience to book an appointment at any time, 24-hrs a day -- in available time slots that you easily set in your businesses' schedule calendar. In addition, your business is listed in our highly marketed Online-Appointment global search directory, which enables any consumer to find your business within their search criteria. Once discovered, they can read more about your business offerings, business operating hours, photos, employee profiles, and other relevant information leading them to make well informed decision in choosing your company. More information on how Online-Appointment.com can help your business succeed can be found in our whitepaper.

What is Online-Appointment.com?

Online-Appointment.com is a combination of a website and a software application. If you are a business, your customers will mainly interact with the website. You will install a small application on your end to manage your customer list, manage appointments, create e-reminders, manage employees, and have the flexibility to easily export data to other popular office applications, and much more. Our software application is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product designed for small businesses. In other words it does much more than real time appointments. The software application is called "ChRoMatic", an easy to use, easy to implement on any computer in your business, or any location.

Can I see an example on how Online-Appointment.com and ChRoMatic work together?

Online demonstrations on this product will be available shortly.

But I already have an appointment system/practice management system which I invested heavily in?

Online-Appointment.com fits right in to your existing practice of operations you can still use your current appointment keeping software, or practice management system. Our solution is meant to complement your current operation. And with Online-Appointment.com you don’t need to buy any expensive hardware or software – our software application fits right into your current equipment. The software also allows you another method of redundancy in keeping your customer data, so that if any thing were to compromise the data in your current software solution - you will have a copy of these customer records in the ChRoMatic system. Best of all, there are no set up costs, and you can start using it today.

What if I am not ready yet to have my appointments online?

Online-Appointment.com and ChRoMatic are flexible. The two systems are actually independent of each other. You can choose to use Online-Appointment.com as an advertising tool for your business. You can choose to just use ChRoMatic within your business (independent of Online-Appointment.com) to manage your appointments and customers internally. You can choose to use ChRoMatic and Online-Appointment together as a complete solution (which will allow you to manage your existing customers and get new customers from the outside world).

What If I don’t have current software?

Thats perfectly fine too. Online-Appointment.com contains a very powerful, and complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application for you to maintain your customer records. This ever evolving application allows you the functionality from tracking visitors, notating customer preferences down in keywords (so you can group customers with similar interests and promote to them down the line) save and share comments about each visitor experience with fellow business partners/owners - and really allows you a method of better communicating, and knowing your customer base.

Well, how much is this going to cost me?

Believe it or not, not much. We know that most small businesses don’t particularly set aside a budget or expenditure for custom software solutions. We aim to provide a nominally priced monthly subscription solution. Needless to say, we feel this will help us reach our goals for growth, and to provide subsequent business solutions of value to small and medium sized business. For more detailed info on our products and pricing, please visit our products page.

Are there any hidden fees?

Any monthly fees are told upfront. There will not be any hidden charges.

With time we will be introducing many unique modules which will benefit your business in a variety of other ways. You can always choose to add these new modules, or not, the decision is entirely up to you. Some modules may carry additional monthly fees.

What kind of computer do I need to run the software?

The software runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or higher. The list of Microsoft operating system includes: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP (any version), Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista (any version).

You will need a current pc-based computer that has high speed Internet access (highly recommended). Minimum 512Mb RAM (1Gb recommended or more preferred). You may need to also install some Microsoft updates to make your operating system current.

Online-Appointment.com website requires just a current Internet browser. The website works with all major web browsers.

Does the software run on Apple Macintosh computers?

Technically, no. But with additional software (not included), the CRM software will run on a Macintosh computer. Depending on your Mac model, different additional software is required. We can provide you with assistance in choosing the appropriate software required to make the CRM run on your Mac computer. Based on our internal tests, the CRM software can run just as fast on current Intel based Macs as Intel based PCs.

What about updates?

We at Online-Appointment.com feel strongly that to make a product successful, you have to keep upgrading, and updating it to make it innovative in the changing times of any business climate. We will be adding updates periodically, and always value your input to product elements we can make better. As always, these updates and upgrades are included in your monthly fee – so you can always be assured that you are running the latest version.

Do you plan on offering additional features in the future?

Yes. We have many more modules that we are working on.

What about my data? Who holds it? And where is it stored?

For Online-Appointment.com to be a completely accessible from any location,  we host the data from our data servers. Our servers are secure and reliable, and located in security monitored, vaulted, climate controlled locations. Please see Terms of Service document for more details.

What if I decided to leave your service, what happens to my data?

If you ever had a need to leave our service, we will never keep your data hostage. If you are a paid customer for over 3 months, contact us and we provide you with your data files in an importable format electronically sent to you. There are also export data functions in the software application that allow you to save your data to your local computer.

What about tech support?

We offer several tech support options. Our email tech support is free. (and usually you will get your answer, or the solution will be resolved in a 24 hr period) But, due to the low monthly priced subscriptions we offer, we provide limited telephone support. Use our Contact Us form to submit a tech support related question.
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